100% cotton bleached white-carded terry towels fully absorbent, capable of with standing institutional chemical laundering. Manufactured as per IHA norms.

Size available:

Bath towels: 27 x 54 ,  28 x 58 , 30 x 60 etc
Hand towels: 12 x 12 , 13 x 13  etc
Face towels: 15 x 25,  16 x 26 ,  20 x 40 etc


Although the quality or weight of each towel can vary from customer to customer requirements but our standard quality is 550gsm (grams per square meter).

 Finishing & Packing:

All our towels are made out of best quality processed yarn, optic double bleached, special softner and comforter used for its high quality and durability. Edges of each towel reinforced with special spun polyester yarn and extra reinforced stitching on the edges.

 Towels are packed in poly bags then packed in corrugated Cartons

 Quality Control:

Right from the procurement of yarns to the packing, each process is closely monitored by our skilled quality inspection team.

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