1. What we were, What we are and What we plan to be is a paramount part of our Vision.

2. We take pride in being known as a "Customer Friendly Company" adding a new dimension to the age old saying "Customer is always right"

3. No matter how small or DETAILED the customer's needs are, we will strive to meet them.

4. All  we  are  today  is  based  on  years of  customer  support,  suppliers  strong  backing  and our "TEAM MEMBERS" whole hearted participation. We firmly intend to consolidate and build on these sectors.

5. We  sincerely  believe  in  building  relationships  and  friendships  and  not  just  treating  our customers  and  suppliers  as  commercial  entities.  Sincere  friendships  outlast  the  viscitudes of  pure  commercial  considerations.

6. We constantly  remind  ourselves  of  the support and  encouragement we have received from our friends which is responsible for our present position and what we can keep doing to reciprocate.

7. It  is  our  firm  belief that  each  and every one of our  TEAM MEMBERS  have played their part in the development of our company and we are constantly trying to improve THEIR working conditions and general welfare MOTIVATING them to produce their best.

8. We are committed to preserving our environment and playing our role - how ever MINUTE - for its improvement.

9. We  have  an  abiding  commitment  to EVOLVE  with  the  times,  bring  in  new ideas and technology  to  enhance  our  existing  efficiency  and  be  able to provide still better service and satisfaction to our valued customers worldwide.

10. We remain  committed  to  positive  progress with due diligence and caution well within our means and with an absolute and unshakeable faith above all in Divine Providence and then in our selves

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