ATLAS TRADING COMPANY started their operations in Pakistan in the spring of 1984 after having established successful affiliations with M/S ATLAS COMMERCIAL CO WLL, Kuwait and M/S BIN SAIFAN TRADING CO, Dubai in the mid-Seventies. Our sister company M/S OCEANIC TRADING COMPANY is engaged in imports and indenting business.

    In line  with  our  policy  of  global  expansion and  supply  of  quality  products, ATLAS TRADING COMPANY had acquired the ISO 9002 Certification which has now been upgraded to ISO 9001 : 2000 Certification. Atlas has established supply lines to USA, Canada and to UK, Spain, France, Portugal and Switzerland in Europe, Cyprus and Lebanon in the Mediterranean,   United Arab Emirates,   Bahrain,  Qatar,  Oman  and  Kuwait in the Arabian Gulf, Australia and Fiji in the Pacific region and to Sri Lanka and Maldives in the Indian Ocean. The search for new markets is an ongoing process.

    The list of supply items is  endless  from  bed linen to  blankets, towels,  pillow cases, bed covers, curtain and sofa upholstry fabrics, staff uniforms including coats, trousers, caps and aprons, polo/tee shirts, pee caps, lamps, rugs, furnishings, toilet ameneties and accessories like laundry bags, shoe bags etc, food stuff, dried flowers, herbs and botanicals, marble & onyx tiles and slabs, cotton ropes and cording, cotton canvas, tents, waterproof tarpaulin, cleaning aids like wiping rags, cotton waste, floor mops,  cleaning cloths,  dusters,  etc and handicrafts  and gift items  made out of marble/onyx, wood, brass and copper.

    The ATLAS  story  does not  end  with supplies only but to bring service to your doorstep, in 1995 ATLAS TRADING COMPANY introduced a new dimension to their existing operation called ATLAS DESIGN DIVISION - "ADD". "ADD" is a "concept to completion" commission service beginning with interior designs for hotels, resorts, homes and offices including landscaping of gardens and open spaces with supply of material and implementation on turnkey basis.

We continue to "ADD" to our services.

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